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Who is Jesus to you? - Pastor Brian Kinnett

Who is Jesus to you? - Pastor Brian Kinnett

When you think of Jesus what comes to mind?

Who He was or who He is?

Do you know Him, personally, intimately, spiritually, physically?

Do you count on Him, trust in Him, seek Him, talk with Him, walk with Him?

Do you call on His name for everything?

How important is He to you?

I praise His name for He is

My Maker, Isa 54:5

My Well-beloved Sgs 1:13

My Saviour 2Pe 3:18

My Hope 1Ti 1:1

My Brother Mar 3:35

My Portion Jer 10:16

My Helper Hbr 13:6

My Physician Jer 8:22

My Healer Luk 9:11

My Refiner Mal 3:3

My Purifier Mal 3:3

My Lord, Master Jhn 13:13

My Servant Luk 12:37

My Example Jhn 13:15

My Teacher Jhn 3:2

My Shepherd Psa 23:1

My Keeper Jhn 17:12

My Feeder Eze 34:23

My Leader Isa 40:11

My Restorer Psa 23:3

My Resting-place Jer 50:6

My Meat (his flesh) Jhn 6:55

My Drink (his blood) Jhn 6:55

My Passover 1Cr 5:7

My Peace Eph 2:14

My Wisdom 1Cr 1:30

My Righteousness 1Cr 1:30

My Sanctification 1Cr 1:30

My Redemption 1Cr 1:30

My All in All