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Wait Patiently

Wait Patiently

Gordon King is one of the "Bloggers" I follow. The other day, he was addressing a problem that I believe all of us occasionally face. You know, where we become impatient with our Father. We face some difficulty, and we pray, asking for the Lord to "fix it" for us.

The frustrating thing is that He doesn't always respond the way we think He "should." Couldn't He follow our plans or ideas? Oh, wait. I just thought of this. I think it would be better if we calmed down and followed His plans and ideas. The reality is the He is a whole bunch smarter than we are.

As a matter of fact, that is what the Lord told King:

"As I was in prayer yesterday the Lord spoke to me, not audibly but never the less He spoke to me.  He told me to be “patient”!  He asked me if I trusted Him and believed in His words?  Of course, I do Lord!  I believe you and I trust you, I love you!  'Well then,' He said, 'you need to trust Me!  Do not worry, do not be afraid for I am the Lord your God.  I do things in my own time, and all things have an appointed time.  I want you to be patient and rest, rest in Me and trust that I will make things work out for your good!'” ~Gordone King

Ouch! We forget those things, don't we? We are often living our lives through our own strength and wisdom, and when we face a difficulty, we presume we should continue living that way. I mean, we ignore what the Lord clearly says in His Word, and live by our rules! But, He will lovingly and gently (most of the time, anyway) draw us back into His care and comfort. I love the way He does that. He allows us the freedom to "go-it" alone, but we when do call out to Him, He will wisely reply how we need to be. What I mean is that if we need a swift kick in the pants, He will give us that swift kick in the pants. However, He will often withdraw Himself and force us to search for Him.

Job once said something all of us think to say,

Please don’t do two things to me so that I won’t have to hide from you: Stop oppressing me. Don’t let your terror frighten me” (Job 13:20-21).

In those two prayers are the very conditions that our Father, in fact, offers to anyone who accepts the message of the gospel. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we are, first, “saved from God’s wrath” (Romans 5:9), and also, “enabled to serve Him without fear, by being holy and honorable as long as we live" (Luke 1:74-75).

We need to simply rest in the Lord's comfort and guidance, take shelter under His mighty wings, and know that He is for us, that He will make all things work together for the good of those who love Him, all those called according to His purpose!

In the study of Job's experience, I wrote:

As preposterous as it may sound . . . the very essence of the gospel [is that] God is the one who has sworn to take our part, to defend us eternally against all accusation, and to believe in Him is to take Him at His word and gratefully to accept His protection. It is on this very basis that we, in turn, become witnesses for Him, taking the stand to declare His faithfulness to a lost world.

This isn’t a religion but a relationship. In other words, it’s not one-sided but two-sided, being comprised not merely of our faith in God but His in us. It is our faith, that behind all the fear and pain of living in a fallen world, lies a loving and all-sufficient God. It is God’s faith that behind our corrupt nature lies a being with a capacity for perfection and everlasting life.

Friends, too many times we struggle and fight and wear ourselves out, instead of allowing our Father to perform His will and fulfill His desire for our lives! But that, unmistakenly, is the reality of our Faith in Him.

Gordon King closes his message by reminding us that:

The bible is not written for our enjoyment, it is written so that we may know who God is, His ways, His principles, and His attributes. It is written so that we may know how to approach life, how to live a godly life, and how to handle situations in our daily life. We are to read and study God’s word and write it upon our hearts, to apply it to our life, to live it out just as Christ did!

God speaks to us but are we listening? Are we following His lead, and are we obedient to what He is telling us to do?

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