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Run To Your Father

Run To Your Father

I have said this many times before, but it must be repeated any many times as I can. When you fall, and I assure you that you will, instead of condemning yourself, you must run to your Father! I don't care if you have to crawl! Get to Him and seek forgiveness. Don't wait until you feel like it. GO!

Scripture tells us that our enemy is stalking us and waiting to pounce. He will devour you if you let him!  He wants you to stick your tail between your legs and run. But when you do or say something that grieves your Father, go to Him!

The only thing running away will do is make matters worse! It will be more difficult to rise and stand against the wiles of our enemy; it will be much more challenging to take those words, deeds, and thoughts under the authority of your Lord Jesus Christ.

Run to your Father when you stumble. He is able to make you stand even if you come to Him with sin on your hands. Your restoration will be as quick as your true repentance. Don't come timidly shuffling your feet in shame. Don't come groveling. Come BOLDLY to the Throne of Grace and receive Grace and Mercy!

As one writer recently stated:

As we engage in struggle after struggle, not only are we subjugating Satan, we are also being transformed, individually and as a body. The whole church is in metamorphosis, becoming a new creation in Christ, growing and maturing and overcoming the darkness of the old regime ~James Goll

The Scriptures assures us that there is NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus! Just turn to our Redeemer and be restored. This isn't just a tangled maze of religious verbiage. No! It is the glorious and great news of our Salvation! Allow the Spirit of God to wash you with the water of our Father's Word. He can guard us so that we don’t fall and can be full of joy as we stand in His glorious presence without fault.

The decision is ours to make. We can be defeated and weak, or we can stand in the power of our Father's might! As Tony Evans sings,

I choose now To be humbled in your presence I choose now To fall on my face Cause one day Every knee will bow but Jesus I choose now

Father, I thank you for your willingness to forgive me over and over and over again. Help me to always run to you when I sin in thought, word, or deed so that I can receive forgiveness and align my heart with yours.

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