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Recognizing Your Need

Recognizing Your Need

Hey, those of you who are the "Movers" and "Shakers" of our society, those you who are self-assured and confident, strong and decisive, you won't be able to find the Messiah. His Kingdom won't belong to you because, in your mind, you don't need him. You foolishly believe that all of your needs are met. Ahh, but those who are broken, with nothing but need in their lives understand how much they require His work in their lives.

“When that day comes,” declares Yahweh,     “I will gather those who are lame.     I will bring together those who are scattered         and those whom I have injured. I will change those who are lame into a faithful people.     I will change those who are forced away into a strong nation.”     Yahweh will rule them on Mount Zion now and forever (Micah 4:6-7)

Doulos Studies

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