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The Preacher

The Preacher

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching…..Romans 12:6-7

I hear so many people (men, women, boys and girls) talk about being a preacher.  They speak of it as if it is a continuous high……  Let me tell you about what a continuous high really is like.  Anyone that has ever free-based or snorted cocaine understands the high can last as long as the drug does not run out.  I can recall smoking rocks for over a week without sleep and finally the dealer told us we could not have any more and we needed to go to sleep….it wasn’t because the supply ran out but because it was dangerous to put your body through such punishment (no sleep, little food and continuous drugs).  

When I see a young preacher that is still submitted in their local church, I am encouraged.  When I see a young preacher leave the covering of their own Pastor in search of a church or a people to lead, I begin to pray!  See, while in the safety of the nest, you can make mistakes, miss a Sunday and still be fed, encouraged, nurtured, rebuked, mentored, corrected and even promoted.

It is a trick of the devil to cause a person to leave the “making, molding and maturing” process early.  Once you leave (periodical son/daughter) you no longer have the advantage of being fed every Sunday by your Pastor (Spiritual Parent)……  Now, you must rely 100% on the Holy Spirit which we’ve already identified that you have ignored.  This individual is (1) not submitted (2) being led by “a” voice and finally (3) attempting to lead others.  When a person tries to force their season, they are likened unto a crack-head because they are always “on top”, always “exuberant”, always encouraging others, always having a Word from the Lord and everything just “feels right” but you must remember that “God does not speak to your feelings, but to your faith and any authentic “call” can NOT be achieved without Him”.

Let me tell you what happens when retarded (spiritually-challenged) people have children….  Their children may not be retarded but they will have “special needs” because the retarded parent did not get all the fundamental basic, intermediate or advanced foundational teachings that would sustain them for their journey.

What am I saying?????  I am saying, “HAVE A SEAT until you are released!!!”  No one is holding you back!!!  No one is jealous of your gift!!!  God is maturing, perfecting and preparing you to STAND and if you can’t endure the process, you will die “in” your assignment and never be in alignment with your true identity (who God said you were before the foundation of the world).  Only son’s receive mantles, not bastards!