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Pleasing Our Lord

Pleasing Our Lord

The other day, I gave you a quote from Smith Wigglesworth: "There is nothing impossible with God. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.” I began thinking about that and realized that it must truly break our Lord’s heart when we question His ability and desire to do the best for us! For instance, the Scriptures clearly describe how the Lord took meticulous care of Ruth. She had pledged her love to Jehovah God and told her mother-in-law, Naomi, “Your people will be my people, and your Elohim will be my Elohim” (Ruth 1:16).

Yahweh so loved Ruth that He opened every door for her. She was poor and had to glean in the fields, but Scripture says, “she ended up in the part of the field that belonged to Boaz, who was from Elimelech’s family” (Ruth 2:3). Now you have to understand that there is no chance in the world that this just “happened.” It was something the Lord’s arranged, He moved a directed every step she took!

Ruth simply loved the Lord and put all her trust in Him and as a result, the Lord arranged to have a very wealthy man prepared for her as a husband! Boaz saw Ruth in the fields and immediately realized, “She is different, really different.” His heart was captured! We don't know if she was truly a babe, or not, but it still makes for a great love story. And it was certainly incredible circumstances that put the two of them together.

Ruth married this godly man, and if the Lord would do that for Ruth, He will certainly do the same for His own bride, in every circumstance!

I'll tell you what, you and I have Someone who is a whole bunch grander than Boaz! As the Psalmist says, "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills." He knows everything and can do anything and boy, does He loves His bride! Yes, the Lord works everything in your life for your absolute best. And He takes great pleasure in doing so.

Even during the difficulties and trials we face, everyone who loves Jesus gets His full attention! Yet, sadly, often we fail to rest in that. We doubt that He is on the job, working out all details for our good.

My friends, nothing breaks His heart more! Paul describes the bride of Christ as “a glorious church, without any kind of stain or wrinkle — holy and without faults” (Ephesians 5:27). The original text here is more emphatic — "that He might Himself present it to Himself. That He will present the Church as glorious, without any spot (i.e., a stain on its purity), or a wrinkle (i.e., a defect in its beauty and freshness of life); but that it will be holy, not just consecrated to holiness, but holy within herself, without any blemish. The work "Wrinkle” also means “fold,” as on one’s face. This is talking about worrying, fretting, and Paul is saying that Jesus’ bride will have no “worry lines” on her face. Glory!

The bride of Christ is to rests in His love. She is to stand confident that He knows where she is, how she feels, what she is going through, and what is best for her. His love gives her peace and calms every concern. She knows that He will never allow anything that will cut her off from Him or hurt her. He will preserve her because He said, “She is mine!” Hallelujah!

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