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Evil Happens

Evil Happens

Wow! What a crazy world we live in, right? I mean, this week began in tragedy. A shooting in Las Vegas left 59 dead and hundreds injured! One of the Detectives investigating the incident said, "The people didn't have a chance! It was like shooting fish in a barrel!" It may be graphic, but it was pretty accurate!

Events like these are becoming far too common. Are we becoming immune? What are we supposed to say in the face of such horror? How can we make sense of a situation that is so tragic? We are always left with more questions than we can answer. What could drive someone to do a thing like this? Where is God? Why does He allow such suffering?

Yes, the Psalmist reminds us that God, as always, was seated on his throne:

He will not let you fall. Your guardian will not fall asleep. Indeed, the Guardian of Israel never rests or sleeps . . . Our Elohim is in heaven. He does whatever he wants (Psalm 121:3-4, 115:3)

That is all well and good, but this morning we still ask, "What, How, Why?" What are we to make of such situations? How do we face such evil? How was the man who shot all these people able to live in such darkness?

I could wax eloquently and Theologically, but what good would that do us? All I do know is that our Father understands darkness, and yet, He is still able to redeem us from such darkness. As the Late Ed Cole used to say, "God is able to take the dung in our lives and through His Transcendent Grace, make fertilizer."

He was able to use Joseph's imprisonment in a dark pit to raise him up to become the right hand of the Pharaoh! He was able to use a big fish to show Jonah his hatred and bigotry, along with the depths of His love and the length of His grace! He even used the death of his son Jesus to bring life to those who would follow Him!

Folks, I realize that darkness and evil may fill our world, but as you begin to deal with your emotions, and as you hold people up in prayer, it is alright to grieve, just don't give into despair. When we are faced with such evil, our Lord will come alongside us, shining like the Bright Morning Light!

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