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Conquering Darkness

Conquering Darkness

I addressed this several years ago, but the only one thing that will conquer and dispel darkness is light. That probably isn't new information for you, because when you walk into a room and hit a switch, all the darkness in that room flees away. But I was reading Isaiah recently and saw:

The people who walk in darkness will see a bright light.     The light will shine on those who live in the land of death’s shadow” (Isaiah 9:2).

That reminded me of something Jesus said:

“The light shines in the dark, and the dark has never extinguished it” (John 1:5).

In Scripture, Light refers to understanding. When we say, “I see the light,” we’re saying, “Now I understand.” So do you understand what Scripture is saying? The Lord is about to open our eyes, not to see a victorious devil but to receive new revelation of His Glory! Far too many of us are giving the devil too much credit. Our God has sent us His Holy Spirit, whose power is far greater than all the powers of hell! The Bible assures us, “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (I John 4:4).

In Revelation, we read about hell spewing forth locusts and scorpions that have tremendous power. We read about a dragon, beasts, horned creatures, as well as a coming Antichrist. Yet, we don’t know the meaning of all these creatures. Sure, they sound pretty hideous, but that's okay because we don’t have to understand the meaning. We don’t need to worry about the Antichrist or the mark of the beast. Quit wringing your hands over it.

Living inside of us is the Spirit of Almighty God and His Christ! Paul declares that the power of the Holy Spirit is working in us. In other words, the Holy Ghost is alive in us at this very moment.

Okay, okay. I hear you complaining. How in the world is the Spirit going to work in me in the midst of everything going on in my life? My friend, his power is only released as we receive him as our burden bearer. Huh? No, that's right. The Holy Spirit was given to us for this very reason, to bear our cares and worries. So, how can we say we have received Him if we haven’t turned over our burdens to him?

The Holy Spirit isn’t shut up in glory — out there somewhere — He is here, abiding in you now, this morning, even as you are reading this. And, he is waiting anxiously to take control of every situation in your life. That includes your afflictions; your finances; your relationships; your employment; your school — can you name something else? Yep, He wants to take control of that, too! So, you have to let go of it. If you are going to continue in fear, despair, questioning, going deeper into worry and anxiety — then you haven’t received him as your comforter, helper, guide, rescuer, and strength.

The witness to the world is the Christian who has cast every burden on the Holy Spirit. Like the Thessalonians, the believer sees overwhelming problems all around, and yet he has the joy of the Lord. He trusts God’s Spirit for his comfort, and for guidance out of his affliction. And he has a powerful testimony to a lost world because he embodies joy despite being surrounded by darkness. His life tells the world, “This person has seen the light.”

Father, your son, said that he was the Light of the world and anyone who followed him would walk in the Light with him. I am awestruck that you have given me all understanding. I don't have to go to school to learn about you or buy a book called "God in Five Easy Lessons." No, no. I am getting to know you firsthand. I thank you that your Holy Spirit is within me and that one of His roles is to be my teacher — to lead you into all the truth.

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