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Ted Cruz 'not a Christian' after refusing to endorse Trump

Ted Cruz 'not a Christian' after refusing to endorse Trump

Tensions have been further inflamed within the Republican Party after Ted Cruz pointedly refused to endorse his former rival for the nomination, Donald Trump.

Loyalists to the New York billionaire have not only accused Cruz of betraying his party but also his Christian faith.

Rev. Darrell Scott, a pastor from Cleveland Heights had given a rousing speech in support of Trump at the Republican convention just hours before. He called Cruz a "liar" and suggested that his decision not to honour his pledge isn't Christian.

He told Fox News: "Not only did Ted Cruz — John Kasich did the same thing. But listen: These are the Christians [air quotes] of the convention. Part of their platform was: 'I am a Christian. I am a conservative Christian.' You turned out to be a liar. You're a conservative liar."

Similar sentiments were voiced elsewhere and on social media, picking up on Trump campaign phrase of labelling the senator "Lyin' Ted".

"I can't believe he didn't endorse him, because he claims to be a Christian, and maybe Donald Trump was right," Cecilia Cdebaca, a New Mexico delegate, told The Post's Philip Rucker.

"Maybe he is 'Lyin' Ted.' Maybe he picks the Bible up and maybe he puts it down and then he lies, because any Christian would forgive, because the Bible says you know them by their fruits. Tonight, Ted Cruz has no fruits. Tonight, he was not a Christian man."

Thatsalrighty @Thatsalrighty
The damage that Ted Cruz has done to the image of Christians and Conservatism is just sad.

LOCK HER UP @baaron2871
@Thatsalrighty @PhyllisHart16 Ted Cruz is as far from being a Christian as Hillary.
12:02 PM - 21 Jul 2016

Sharyl Jolley @sharylanne
Cruz claims he is a huge Christian. I am a Christian. I know that it is big in christianity is to forgive your enemies.Cruz proved he is not
3:58 PM - 21 Jul 2016

#NeverHillary @MeganSmiles
Doesn't sound like a Conservative, Christian man of principle who signed a loyalty pledge to me-> Defiant #Cruz
5:40 PM - 21 Jul 2016

Lori Hendry @Lrihendry
Ted Cruz was one of the most "Christian" candidates in the line-up, ironically ends up being the most spiteful and selfish person on stage.
2:06 PM - 21 Jul 2016

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