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Church Begs for Prayer After Pastor Is Charged With Assaulting His Daughter

Church Begs for Prayer After Pastor Is Charged With Assaulting His Daughter

A Kansas church issued an urgent call to prayer after police arrested their pastor in connection with aggravated assault against his own daughter.

KSNT reports Light of the World Christian Center Pastor Greg Varney used a vehicle in the assault against his daughter. A man who attends the church tells us Varney was arrested after he smashed into another car as he was trying to leave.  

Church officials say the incident is related to toxins released through kidney failure, though deny he harmed or attempted to harm anyone leading up to his arrest.  

"In the last few years, Pastor Greg has had health concerns resulting in kidney failure. He took a sabbatical from the church to focus on his health, and he is receiving dialysis," according to a church statement.  

"During treatment, however, Pastor Greg's family began to notice unexplained cognitive and behavioral changes they believe were caused by the toxins released in his body when his kidneys were not functioning. Pastor Greg and his family have been working with multiple doctors to determine a solution to these issues, and they will continue to aggressively pursue the medical treatment he needs. We are grateful to the wonderful doctors in Topeka who have been treating Pastor Greg, and we ask for your prayers that they might find the cause of these cognitive and behavioral changes and a suitable treatment for Pastor Greg," the statement reads.  

Will you pray with them?