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Gunman Plotted to Kill Christian Singer Christina Grimmie

Gunman Plotted to Kill Christian Singer Christina Grimmie

The gunman who shot Christian singer Christina Grimmie Friday night traveled to Orlando, Florida, specifically to kill the contestant from NBC's 'The Voice,' according to USA Today. Grimmie reportedly did not know the assailant.

The singer, 22, died Saturday at an Orlando hospital after the gunman shot her at the Plaza Live Theater while she was signing autographs for her fans. She was the opening act for the band Before You Exit.

Orlando police say a 27-year-old white male came to the concert venue from another Florida city and was armed with two handguns and a hunting knife. Her brother tackled the gunman, who then proceeded to shoot and kill himself.

"@TheRealGrimmie died from those gunshot wounds," tweeted Orlando police. "Her brother is a hero and possibly saved countless other lives. He is not injured."

"We believe he came here to commit this crime," Orlando Police Chief John Mina said.

Police have not yet disclosed the name of the gunman.

Fans shared their love for the singer on Twitter with the hashtag #prayforchristina.

"People are seriously so crazy, gone too soon," singer Selena Gomez tweeted.